Aiden needs your votes!

Ok folks - today is the day!
I need you all to go vote for Aiden!  

           Vote here:  The YA Sisterhood: Match #14: Ash (#14) vs Aiden (#19):

The link is below!  I will give away eCopies of Daimon & Half-Blood if he makes it to the next round!  Plus JLA has offered up some awesome incentives!  Her incentives are listed below :o)  So come on - go vote - pretty please!!

JLA's incentives:

250 Votes: Aiden teaser from Deity
500 Votes: Seth teaser from Deity
750 Votes: Onyx ARC (Pepe, Sztella, Me) randomly given out
Plus an Onyx Teaser
800 Votes: Signed ARC of Deity
1000 Votes: Swag pack of awesomeness given out
1500 Votes: Signed ARC of Deity 
1750 Votes: Aiden Teaser from Deity
2000 Votes:  Cookie Scene in film (special feature from Onyx)
Match won: Zoo/Car Scene from Pure in Aiden's POV

Each of the teasers will be juicy. I promise.
All prizes will be given out randomly on Twitter w/ notice
Cookie scene is filmed w/ Pepe. He's a cookie monster.
THIS blog post will be updated with teasers.

go here for JLA's teasers and whatnot:

   Vote here:  The YA Sisterhood: Match #14: Ash (#14) vs Aiden (#19):

Go #TeamAiden - #HalfBloodNation


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