Tangent: 13 | Black Cat | Lucky | Unlucky | Etc...

So today's the 13th...  and a Friday... and I feel like going on a bit of a tangent this morning.  So here we go!  Do you buy into the unlucky stuff?  You know - black cats, ladders, mirrors, Friday the 13th... etc etc etc.  I don't, but if you do, ok then.  Do you ever get frustrated or annoyed with people who are like "no you are wrong b/c you don't think the same way I do" ??  I do... and there is no way to even talk to this type of person, right?  Well these people just piss me off...  anyway - back to the lucky/unlucky original topic.   

Sorry - like I said above - tangent... and at this point I'm just rambling :o)

So it's Friday and I'm at work and I really would rather be at home... reading or writing a review or doing something I want to do... but no I'm here at my office **sniff, sniff** (you feel sorry for me don't you)  LOL

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

hahahaha - I'm sorry - there is absolutely no point to this post...  I apologize for the rambling - but let me know if you are superstitious.  Are you superstitious about everything or only certain things?  I don't really think I'm superstitious at all...  I don't avoid ladders, I don't walk away from black cats, I don't freak if a mirror breaks, I don't avoid sidewalk cracks...  am I odd man out on this stuff - let me know in comments!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

annnnnnnnd I just remembered there are new Lux Series video and stuff being released today!  SQUEEE!!  I'm totally excited now!  TGIF - Have a great weekend everyone!
until next time, 


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