yep random | #1

sooo.....  I don't want to work but I can't just leave!  

Stupid bills and money **rolling eyes**  

do you have days like this too?
I'm sure everyone does - it can't just be me - RIGHT?!

this is what I feel like doing but I guess I'll get back to work.
I really really want to read!  I'm almost finished with Unguarded by Ashley Robertson and I want to finish it like now =D  buuuuuuuuutttt I guess I do what I get paid for rather than what I want to do...

bye for now,


  1. Update | I'm almost 50% thru this book now - I really am loving Luke... I know that won't mean anything to you unless you've read the book - but hot damn - I like him a lot!!

    :) <3


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