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Hi all!!  Today I have Jenna Bennett author of Tall, Dark & Divine talking with me!  Eep!!  So exciting - I love author interviews!!!! <3  I am reading this book now and IT'S GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So before I start pestering Jenna with questions - here's a little about her and Tall, Dark, & Divine!

About this author (from Goodreads Author Page)

Jenna Bennett

 aka Jennie Bentley and Bente Gallagher

is New York Times bestselling author of the Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation mysteries from Berkley Prime Crime, featuring designer and amateur sleuth Avery Baker and her boyfriend, handyman Derek Ellis, who renovate houses in Waterfield, Maine. 

As Jenna Bennett, she writes and publishes the Cutthroat Business mysteries featuring Southern Belle and new-minted real estate agent Savannah Martin in Nashville, Tennessee.
Starting in the summer of 2012, she'll also be writing a series of futuristic romances for Entangled Publishing - high concept pitch: "Firefly with sex" - about the crew of a smuggling ship called the Good Fortune. Book 1, tentatively titled Fortune's Hero, is scheduled for release in August 2011.

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Goodreads Blurb:

Eros, the Greek god of love, swore off the useless emotion after his ex ran off with some Viking godling. He's lost all interest in his matchmaking business, Made in Heaven, until he spots the sweet baker who works across the street. Before she stirs his sullen heart, he'll match her and get back to his ambrosia-laced wine in no time.  
Lonely baker Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr. Right. What she needs is Mr. Right Here, Right Now, and this so-called “Greek God” she’s heard is on the rebound sounds exactly like the perfect kind of distraction. But picking up the bitter, workaholic is easier said than done…especially when he seems unreasonably determined to match her with someone else.   
Can a woman looking for love—and the matchmaking god who wants her to find it with someone else—have a shot at a happy ending? May the best god—or mortal—win.

Let's get this interview started!!

oh and so I don't confuse you here's a breakdown of my color coding!

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Jenna's Answer

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Where do you find your inspiration for your stories?  Do you base your characters on people you know or do your characters just show up in your head?

Mostly they just show up in my head. I definitely don’t base them on anyone I know. As for the inspiration for the stories, it comes from anywhere and everywhere. Something I hear or read. Something someone says. Someone else’s book. In the case of Tall, Dark and Divine, I was reading Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, when the idea of writing a light, funny paranormal romance about Greek gods fell into my head. Eros and his bevy of matchmaking minor and demi-goddesses was the result of that. I put the action in Astoria, Queens, since I used to live there in my twenties, and since it is – or used to be – the biggest Greek settlement in the world outside Greece. It seems a logical place for a bunch of Greek and Cretan gods and goddesses to hang out and deal with modern life.

author insights - I love them so much - I always learn a little something, don't you?!

Do you have a specific or special place that you write?

I work in my office, which is actually a big walk-in closet off my husband’s office. (He makes more money than I do, so he gets the bigger space.) I have a desktop computer with a full-size keyboard – I also have big hands – and a window looking out over a tree-lined yard and a winding road. I can write elsewhere if I have to, but being at home is my preference. I’m stuck in my ways, I guess.

LOL!!  sorry - off hand comments {he makes more money...he gets bigger space - hehehehe} just get me every time... love it!

While you write, do you listen to music?  Do you have playlists you play on repeat while you write?

No and no. I can listen to classical music, or instrumental music – something without lyrics – but once there are words, they interfere with the words in my head. So I keep it quiet.

author insights - I love them so much - I always learn a little something, don't you?!

What’s on your current playlist?  Who are your favorite artists?

I don’t really listen to music, sorry. I’m sure that makes me very boring. I like weird stuff like Irish folk music and Broadway show tunes and old  country and such, but I only listen to music when I’m not writing, and I’m writing almost all of the time.

not going to lie... my jaw hit the floor and I was catching flies!  Then I recovered once Jenna mentioned her love of Irish folk music and Broadway show tunes...  see she likes it, just doesn't listen all the time - I'm ok now - I promise ;)

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

First draft. I don’t like to edit at all, and I don’t really plan ahead – I’m a pretty dedicated pantser – so getting the story down in its truest form in the first draft is the most fun I have. Writing THE END is always nice, and I particularly enjoy writing dialogue.

"pantser" ....  LMAO .... I know what it means and yet I giggle like a dork every fricking time!

I absolutely love book covers, they tell so much about the book, the characters, everything!!  So I have to ask, how do you choose your book covers?

I’m sorry to say – for both of our sakes – that unless the book is self-published, the author has no say over the cover whatsoever. That’s something the publisher does, and most authors have what’s known as input – we get to suggest what we’d like, and point out anything we really dislike – but we have no real power over what the cover looks like. I’ve been lucky and had really gorgeous covers for all my books, for which I am abjectly grateful – there are some not so nice covers out there – but it’s no thanks to me at all; it’s all the publisher’s art department. I’m with you, I love book covers, but I can’t take credit for any of mine, other than the ones on my self-pubbed books.

I so didn't know that the publisher usually does the cover...  see I'm learning!!

Who are your favorite authors?  What are you reading right now that you love?

I have a ton of favorite authors in a wide variety of genres. I mentioned Gena Showalter earlier. Jennifer Crusie. Elizabeth Peters. Julia Spencer Fleming. Josh Lanyon. Lois McMaster Bujold. Linnea Sinclair. Misa Ramirez. Ngaio Marsh. Suzanne Brockmann. J.K. Rowling. I write in an incredible variety of genres, and my reading habits run that same gamut, from mysteries and romantic suspense to historical, contemporary and futuristic romance, science fiction and fantasy/paranormal. It’s easier to ask me what I don’t read.I read Misa Ramirez’s Deceiving the Witch Next Door last week, and really enjoyed it. Sweet and steamy at the same time. I’ve also been on a Stephanie Bond kick lately; she’s been re-releasing some of her out-of-print romantic mysteries, and I’m having fun reading my way through them all. The book at the top of the TBR pile at the moment is Heather Graham’s The Unholy.

Gena Showalter - AWESOME
Misa Ramirez - I've got several of her books on my TBR
The rest I will most definitely be checking out ASAP

well kitties - that's what I have today for you ... check back for my review of Tall, Dark, & Divine - I promise it will not disappoint =)



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