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A Vengeful Affair by Carmen Falcone

Blurb from Entangled Publishing:
Rich people get away with murder every day, but Vivian Foster intends to make billionaire Javier Rivera pay for what he did to her best friend—and how better to destroy a money-grubbing bastard than to sabotage the merger that means everything to him.
Javier Rivera would never hurt a woman much less kill one. But when he catches a gorgeous corporate spy in his office, he knows he can’t let her go—not when even a hint of scandal could ruin his career. Until the merger is signed, he’ll keep her close, even if he has to shackle her to his wrist. Literally.
But the closer Javier gets to Vivian, the more he wants her, and the more time she spends with him, the less she believes he could ever be a killer. Now Vivian and Javier have to discover the truth…and Vivian has to win the trust of her worst enemy.

Edition Info:
Release Date: July 2012 | Imprint: Indulgence| Length: 230 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62266-956-1

Review copy given by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

In a nut shell:
Eventful | Emotional | Sexy

My Rating:
3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story.  I was down for the count and had to know what happened by page 10.  This was a first for me… I have not read many contemporary romantic mystery who-done-its.  The ones I’ve read I haven’t enjoyed… so there you go…  In my opinion, b/c of course I’m awesomely important and you should listen to me… lol!  Carmen’s book is really well done.  The characters are complex and meaningful.  The story moves along and doesn’t dilly-dally along.  Everything written contributed to the story.  There is steam and tension all over Vivian and Javier, but damn it’s so good =)  Immediately you can feel it… even in the closet – yes I said closet… you will know when you read the book – even there you can feel it almost instantly!  I loved the evolution of this relationship and their feelings for one another!  I wanted to throw my kindle for a while, but I’m kind of prone to periods of stupidity, so everyone, even fictional characters, are allowed to them as well…

I can’t really go into too many details in my review because the parts and lines I loved are pretty spoilery, so I’ll keep them to myself!

And a few comments on the cover, since I do love book covers and tend to judge them
**don’t judge me – everyone does it, they just don’t tell you about it**

1. I really do like it, but it doesn't match the picture in my head…  I can’t find anything that does, so I can’t even show you =(  
2. I love the tension you can see and feel through this cover.
3. I love love love the look on the woman’s face!  To me this is so saying WTF – He is touching me and I’m pissed but don’t want to push him away!
4. The guy on here… really good looking and the look in his eyes and face – W-O-W! Javier to a fricking T!  Completely in control and has what he wants in his reach or in hand …

Go get your copy of A Vengeful Affair!  You’ll like it =)


I have mentioned how much I have loved reading the Indulgence Imprints from Entangled Publishing?  They have all been fantastic!  Seriously – check out the entire company – they have amazing authors and books out everywhere!!  Click on the logo to see more about them!!



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