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Hi everyone!!  Check out the link above!  It's the newest imprint from Entangled - I just bought Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo & I'm excited to read it!  But anyway - here's a little from Stacy Abrams, Editorial Director of Bliss, about this new imprint =) read it and then go check out the link above!!

Dear Reader,
You’re busy.
I get it—I am, too! I barely look up from my computer long enough to hit “Start” on the microwave dinners I force my husband to eat most nights. The most quality time we spend together is catching up on Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix. Romance is dead.
Or is it?
We founded the Bliss short romance line at Entangled specifically for busy people like you and me: people who want to find their bliss on their lunch break, on their commute, on the delicate wash cycle, on a two a.m. feeding. People who want a fully developed, satisfying story in a 200-pages-or-less package.
I’m so excited to be imminently launching the Bliss line, not just because of the emotional, funny, spicy stories we’re telling and the talented authors we’re launching, but because of what I feel is a unique product the line is offering. These are contemporary, modern, fresh tales of women and men finding love, finding a sexual connection, finding their happily ever after in small towns or close-knit communities, with the support of their best friends, parents, children, or all of the above. On their lunch break or their commute, even! The books read like romantic comedy movies set to the page: Love, Actually for the romance reader. Though the focus lies on the characters’ emotional journey, at Bliss we like to say our heroes and heroines still jump in the sack…it just then fades to black.
And who knows, if I can get my husband to pause the Netflix long enough to read one, maybe romance isn’t dead after all!
Enjoy finding your bliss…
Stacy Cantor Abrams
Editorial Director
Bliss, an Entangled imprint


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