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Entangled Publishing has invited me to help share their new books with YOU. 

Entangled is hosting an eReader giveaway to celebrate the launch of Brazen Books!!
You can enter to win here or go to the Entangled in Romance Blog.

BRAZEN: the naughty little sister of our Indulgence line.
 Brazen publishes steamy category romances that blend young, fresh voices, and explore the more seductive side of modern relationships.

Brazen is a digital only imprint from Entangled Publishing, an exclusive, boutique publisher of romantic fiction. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Entangled's goal is to bridge the gap between traditional and indie publishing, giving both readers and authors the best of both worlds. Get more information at

Click on the cover for more information
Title: Wrong Bed, Right Guy
Author: Katee Robert
Genre: Category – Contemporary
Length: 249 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62266-951-6
Release Date: July 2012
Imprint: Brazen

Click on the cover for more information

Title: Seducing Cinderella
Author: Gina L. Maxwell
Genre: Category – Contemporary
Length: 277 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62266-949-3
Release Date: July 2012
Imprint: Brazen

here is what I can tell you about this new digital imprint line from Entangled - it HOT!  I'm currently reading (and LOVING) Seducing Cinderella!  
It's awesome!  

Wrong Bed, Right Guy will be up shortly =)

You need to get your copies RIGHT NOW and join me in reading!



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