I am so pissed!

What is wrong with people?!

I am so ANGRY & PISSED right now!  Why do people think it is ok to steal from authors?!  I do not understand...  And since this is mine I'm going to voice my opinion here.

WHY?  Please some one explain to me why!?  I am so angry right now...  
eBooks are not expensive - which is why I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!  Please pay the couple of bucks to purchase the book from a real bookseller!  I have heard all kinds of excuses - my favorite... and I mean that as sarcastically as possible - is I didn't know it was an illegal copy.  REALLY?! I call BS on that every single time.  Sharing sites are so bogus - unless you are sharing the book through the place you BOUGHT it from (i.e. Amazon or B&N) it's illegal...  if you aren't sure if a book is legit - email the author or the publisher and ask.  It isn't rocket science here folks... use some common sense and find out if a site is legit BEFORE you use it and steal from authors...  

Are you wondering what brought this on today?  

Well if you follow me on Twitter you already know and saw me ranting about Shannon Dermott's situation regarding her Cambion Series books and illegal downloads.  I'm so sad for Shannon and so disappointed in the people who took her book illegally!

I just don't understand why in today's world - where EVERYONE knows where you can get a legit copy of an eBook - why do people continue to do this?!  

Beg for Mercy is $0.99 

Waiting for Mercy is $3.99

No Mercy is $0.99

COME ON!!  My morning coffee costs more than that.

Please buy these books and all your books legitimately!


You all know how much I love these books and how much I adore Shannon...
this is heartbreaking for me this afternoon.

Plain and Simple.


now... I know I asked above for explanation .. I don't really want one - so please don't post one - 


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