The V Mafia | @VictoriaScottYA

I know what you are saying...

Lucy you got some  'splaining to do...

here's what I'm doing...


I know I know :) You should be very excited about this though!  

I am officially part of The V Mafia!!


I am super excited about this! {obvious right by the awesome display of gifs above ;)}
I know you have seen this awesome countdown widget here on my sidebar for a while now... 

I am so excited about this book it's ridiculous!  Now... I have been stalking the author Victoria Scott around the Internet =) harmless right?!  Well - I saw a post about joining the Family and I was all over that like butter on wheat toast!  I applied to join & I WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE FAMILY!  Shut the front door!  It's going to be AH-MAZE-ING!  Seriously!

So be prepared to see a ton about Dante and The Collector...

Right now I want you all to:

1.  get the countdown

2.  add The Collector to your TBR


3.  add The Collector to your Wishlists

Amazon US

4.  check out Victoria's site

5.  check out Dante's site 

(& OhMyGod you have to watch the teaser on this site - - - DO IT DO IT DO IT!!)

6.  follow on Twitter

7.  like on Facebook

8.  become a fan on GR

9.  check her out on Amazon

10.  subscribe on YouTube

<3 you are going to LOVE this book and be just as excited as I am about it!!!!!!!!


  1. Lol I was exactly like that when I found out I made the cut!


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