So far behind!

Oh my gosh!  I am so far behind on my schedule it is not even remotely funny :(  I am almost to this point... 

yea the ugly cry...  YIKES!

ok here are the books I'm reading and reviewing as fast as possible to get back on schedule

**deep breath** here we go

Crimson Groves (currently reading - really enjoying)
Taste (currently reading - LOVE)
A New Dawn
Pure Healing
Flirting to Win [I just need to post this review - books were good ;)]
Awakening the Nightmare
Crazy Love [I just need to post this review - liked this book :)]
Darkness Shattered
Divinely Ruined
Seeing Shadows
One Petal Flower
The Dreamer
No Dress Required
Eden [I just need to post this review - awesome book]
Eden-West [I just need to post this review - great book]
Any Love But Mine
No Flowers Required
Three River Ranch
Lucky Break
Kiss of the Butterfly

I know right - long list!  Technically that is the list for both random and Passionate Book Divas... but either way it's the workload for my blogging - YIKES!  So if I am gone for the next few days you know why - I'm reading and writing posts as fast as I can...



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