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Hello kittens!  Today I am privileged to have Heather Jensen stop by for an interview and I have 2 reviews for you, both Blood & Guitars and Immortals & Melodies!!  

And ~ I have a giveaway, so don't forget to enter to win!

Are you excited?!  I am - here we go!

First up is Blood And Guitars ~ Book 1

Blood And Guitars Summary:

When Aurora meets Trey, a famous singer and musician, she's only hoping to get her fill of human blood for the week. The last thing Aurora expects is for Trey to make her feel alive for the first time since she was, well, alive. It begins with a casual painting lesson at her art studio, The Waking Moon, and quickly turns into a forbidden romance. Aurora is forced to hide her true identity from Trey, while keeping her relationship with the human a secret from other vampires in her Brood. 

Trey's band is recording a new album and with Aurora as his muse, Trey is writing songs like never before. After being hired by their record label to paint the cover of the new album, Aurora has a legitimate reason for spending so much time with Trey and his band mates. Aurora can't deny the unexpected connection she has with Trey, which is fueled by glimpses into his emotions every time they share a kiss. Caught between two worlds, Aurora must attend celebrity award shows and vampire rituals, find time to feed, and protect Trey from the dangers of the night, all while preserving her secrets.

My Rating:

4.5 Stars

My Review:

I love vamps and everyone knows how much I love music - so safe to say I was so excited to get on this tour!!  I am also so happy that I got to read book 1 and book 2 back to back :) anyway... on to reviewing this great story!
I loved these characters - completely loved that they are both artists and it was so great to watch them come together... Aurora fighting what she wanted and Trey - well Trey is just dreamy... He's so sweet and loving and strong and confident in himself.  Aurora is who she is... she seemed ok with her life for awhile, but I loved how she questions if she should be doing more than hanging out and painting and then Trey comes into the picture.  I love how they meet - I mean - it's so perfect - I could see it in my head.  I still have not figured out what I think their faces look like... you know I always find pictures via google to use for this, but I haven't decided yet... so I have nothing for you.  I do think that Trey's voice and Catalyst's sound is like a mix of ... wait for it... ok - this is going to sound strange, but mix Seether's vocals with The Maine's sound and material - that's what I think Catalyst sounds like.  I love the lead singer in Seether - his voice is amazing but I think Catalyst is more like The Maine in their sound... I don't - what do you think?  <-- dammit!  that's what I should have asked Heather!  next time... next time...  


oh and by the way - I love this song... it reminds of the internal struggle Aurora has trying to convince herself to stay away from Trey...

The Maine:

and I don't know - the song Misery kind of makes me think of what Trey might sound like... but I don't know - I am just not % on it...  what do you all think?  

anyway - I loved this book - characters were good, story was eventful and well developed.  I really like Heather's writing style - everything flowed well and I didn't ever feel lost or feel like I wasn't getting anywhere with the story.  
I think you all should definitely check this book out - and Immortals & Melodies!

Next is Immortals And Melodies ~ Book 2

Immortals And Melodies Summary:

Catalyst frontman Trey is no stranger to chaos, but even the life of a rock star couldn't prepare him for the consequences of loving a vampire. Trey’s life is in danger; threatened by the very group he must join to stay alive. His struggle to continue his career and release a new album with the band is marred by events that force him to ask a powerful Synod Elder for help.

Aurora has to keep Trey alive until she can make him a vampire, but her own kind will stop at nothing to prevent it. The head of the Emissary is having her followed, and if she can’t figure out who is behind the violent attacks, Trey might not make it to the full moon. As Aurora battles her own kind, she’s also plagued by the risk she’s taking by changing Trey. Will her moon-given power be enough to carry Trey through the change, or will he be left floating in the wake of destruction?

My Rating:

4.5 Stars

My Review:

So let me just say - this book was better than the first - WOW!  Aurora is amazing and a TOTAL BADASS!  Just saying - I want her on my team every time!  I can't say too much on this book for fear of giving away too much - buuuuuuuuuut....  Trey - you have officially stolen my heart - I love you so much!
I love his fiestiness and his caring, his sweetness, his smartass mouth, all of it - and of course he's a rock star... come on how can you not love him?!  Anyway... I really really enjoyed this book.  There was sooo much in this book - it was never boring - NEVER!  
I loved all of this book - all the action - all the sweet - all the fun!  I love the secondary characters - especially the guys in the band!  I would so love to see them in a spin off or something or maybe see them have a novella or something to see a little more into their lives - I'm rooting for O'Shea and Kacie <3

Anyhoo... I can't say much more except I am sooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to the next book!  I know Heather is working on it and I'm totally stoked to see it!

Be sure to check out both of these books and add them to your TBR, your wish list, your whatever - just add them and get to reading!!!

About the Author:

Heather Jensen writes paranormal fantasy for teens and adults. She began writing her first book at the age of 16. She is an avid reader and loves anything vampire-related, but likes all kinds of fantasy. When she’s not writing she enjoys traveling, listening to music, going to concerts, playing guitar and spending time with friends and family. She is addicted to Oreos and White Knight drinks from Perks. Her favorite color is green and the uglier the shade the better.

Heather lives in Southern Utah with her husband and son where she continues to write the Blood And Guitars series. The second book in the series, Immortals And Melodies, is available on Kindle and will soon be in paperback.

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Next I have my interview with Heather Jensen!

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Question from me

Answer from Heather

Comment from me about Heather's answer

First I would like to say thank you so much for taking time to visit and answer my questions today!  I’m so happy to have you!!  Where do you find your inspiration for your stories?  Do you base your characters on people you know or do your characters just show up in your head?

First of all, thank you so much for having me here! I'm honored to be answering questions today. Inspiration for stories comes in many forms for me. An idea can come out of anywhere, but I find that I have to have the right music playing to set the tone for each scene in order to find real inspiration when I'm actually doing the writing. As for characters, I haven't based any character solely on one individual, but I certainly pull from character traits I see in people as I create my characters. People-watching is always good when trying to develop new characters, especially supporting characters.

FINALLY I have found a writer who actually works with and TO music!  Not going to lie... I totally fangirled for a few minutes!


Do you have a specific or special place that you write?
I usually write in my office at home, but I also have a netbook that I pack around in my purse for the times when I want to be out in the yard in my gazebo, or write while I'm at the park with my son.

 love it!  always prepared - and you know her purse is as big as mine - which is as big as a horse - LOL!


While you write, do you listen to music?  Do you have playlists you play on repeat while you write?

 I have a very specific set of songs for each book that acts as a soundtrack for me, and that usually seems to get the job done. I love Spotify because it's so easy to create playlists and I can control what order the songs play in. Some of the songs on my Blood And Guitars playlist were "All Around Me" by Flyleaf, "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance, "Sick Cycle Carousel" by Lifehouse, and "Too Far Gone," by The All-American Rejects just to name a few.

 check - good song, love that band, good band, love ...  I must explore Spotify more - I have not yet switched over to that service yet... I've been using Rhapsody - hmmmmmmm.... I will have to check it out!


What’s on your current playlist?  Who are your favorite artists?  

 I'm currently writing the third installment in the Blood And Guitars series, titled "Fangs And Fame." Some of the songs I'm listening to while I write are "Ever After" by Marianas Trench, "Sad" by Maroon 5, "Sail" by Awolnation, "Whispering," by Alex Clare, and "I For You," by The All-American Rejects. I just realized this is the longest playlist of all the books, currently with 25 songs. 

 Marianas Trench <--- **mouth agape** I love them!  Maroon 5... Adam - need I say more - Love them!  I need this entire playlist - where can I find it!  I'm so excited to see this book!!!!!  <3 so excited to hear it's in the works!!!


What is your favorite part of the writing process?

This is going to sound strange, but I actually really enjoy outlining a story. I think it's because this happens so early on in the process that I don't feel like there are any restrictions on what can and can't happen yet. I like to outline with an actual pen and paper because I think my brain works differently when I create in that form. When ideas are flowing and your hand can barely keep up with them, it's a great feeling.

very cool!  I love the creative process!  it's just so different for everyone <3 love love love


I absolutely love book covers, they tell so much about the book, the characters, everything!!  So I have to ask, how do you choose your book covers?  
I work with a cover artist who has done an amazing job at creating an image to represent both of the Blood And Guitars books. For me, the cover just has to catch the reader's eye. Most of the books I sell are e-books, so the image has to look great in small thumbnail form, as well as in larger forms. I love both of the book covers so much that I use them as backgrounds on my phone, and as personalized images on my ATM cards. 

LOVE!  My favorite of the two covers is Immortals & Melodies!  I am in love with the title font!!  


Who are your favorite authors?  What are you reading right now that you love?
My all-time favorite author is Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. She inspired me to write my first novel because she was sixteen when she first got published. I highly recommend any of her books, but especially the shape-shifter ones that start with "Hawksong." There's nothing else in the market like them. I'm also currently reading "The Scorch Trials" by James Dashner, which is amazing. If you haven't read the Mazerunner books yet, you should!

note to self - go find these books and check them out!


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  1. Jennifer, first of all thank for your amazing post and review! Also, thanks for letting me stop by the blog for a day. Can I just say that I think we might be soul sisters? Lol. I had so much fun reading your responses to my questions. Love it! Be warned, I'm going to babble here for a bit. As far as Googling for pics of the characters, I can let you know what I picture if that helps. I was watching TV one day when a Gossip Girl commercial came on and I practically threw my remote in the air when I saw Chase Crawford. I was a little behind and had never seen the show, but he is exactly how I imagined Trey in my head. As for Aurora, I have a pic. Maybe I should email you! ;)

    I love that you included songs and videos in your review. You definitely understood how I imagined Trey's voice to sound. I haven't found the perfect voice to represent his yet, but Seether is definitely on the right track. I actually had an editor tell me to take out the word sandpaper when trying to describe Trey's voice. She SO did NOT get it. It's nice to have a reviewer who understands. As for The Maine, their sound is actually a great comparison for Catalyst's sound. Good call!

    And your purse comment - my husband calls my purse my saddle bag. Lol. 'Nuff said!

    Thanks again so much for this review! I'm off to try and find your email address to send you a few pics just for fun.

    Also, you've made me think I need to share my Spotify playlist! Check my facebook page for a link to it later today. www.facebook.com/BloodAndGuitars. :)

    Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!

    Thanks again to Jennifer for being so amazing.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by today Heather! I LOVE your character pictures - and Chase is a perfect Trey!

      I loved the "sandpaper" description - it helped me 'hear' Trey :)

      I will definitely be checking out the FB for the playlist link!

      And please please please come back when Fangs and Fame is ready for the world!

      I had so much fun! <3

    2. I will definitely be back! Thanks again for everything. :)


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