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Make Her howl

Chloe is a null, a werewolf who can't change, and pack law says nulls can't live on pack land. As she prepares to leave the only home she's ever known, temptation and desire arrive on her doorstep in the form of Jackson, a darkly handsome alpha. He says he can bring her wolf, but she'll have to submit to him in ways she never imagined. Their union is rough and savage--Jackson is a wolf on a mission: He will make her way or another.  

Make Her Howl is approximately 8,000 words in length and contains graphic sexual content. Page length varies due to e reader settings, but please understand this is a short story and not a novel. Short stories are the mini candy bars of fiction; little sweet nothings that melt too fast. That’s why you can never stop at just one!

My Rating:  

3.5/5 Stars

My Short & Sweet/Down & Dirty Review:

Sexy sexy sexy! Fun fast read :)

This was exactly what I expected from Michelle Fox! I was a good story and a fun romp with the wolves. I loved these characters even more than the last book I read by Michelle Fox. I love how well the characters are developed and rounded out - I feel like I know about these characters before they jump in the sack - which for me is a HUGE deal!

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