what's going on - life update...

so as you have all noticed by now no doubt - I am slowing way down on posting and reviewing!

I haven't really announced why, so I thought I'd do that now...

I am expecting my second child this year, so I am swamped with all kinds of new & all of the old same ol' same ol' stuff to take care of.

So with that said - I will probably not be posting much of anything each week.  I will most definitely have one post each week - since I do Tuesday over at the Diva Blog ...

any way - I will not be taking on any more review requests for a while - I am still playing catch up on all the commitments I've already made.  If I've already committed to you, don't worry - I will get your book read and reviewed - I promise!

so that's what's been going on around here & why I'm not around much... but I promise to come back full force as soon as I can :)

until next time,


  1. Hay! A big congratulations is in order! Enjoy your family and I will see you whenever you pop up in my reader.


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