Holy Moly... Random Post :)

welp... as usual I'm really behind and working on my stupid calendar again.

yea that's me pretty much every freaking day...  

what are you all reading?  I'm reading all kinds of stuff and can't seem to focus... which isn't working out too well for me.

anyway... rable rable rable - let's get some ice cream and talk books - tell me what you are reading and what your favorite flavor is!!  

right now my favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan - it tastes like freaking pecan pie and vanilla ice cream all together - I'm in love with it! 
annnnnnnnd I'm reading Angel of Mercy and Losing Hope right now - but I will be starting on a ton more books tomorrow and Saturday for next week - but I really will be focusing on writing at least 5 reviews this weekend... 
Party for One! I will be dating a wine bottle this weekend ;)

my life is super exciting when I get behind like this - hehehehehe - just kidding, I apparently enjoy this shit :D
**I actually do like it - weird right**

anyway, until next time kittens
~xo~ jen


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