Dreamcast for Cursive by Phoebe Lane

I'm so excited to be a part of Indie-Credible!  

Pheobe and I have a few different things planned for our part of Indie Credible!  

So first off, let's show you the Dreamcast for Cursive!  


The past pulls. The future shoves. The present just begs for a time-out.

Aislynn Currington is searching for an escape from her tumultuous past, one that includes a severely broken heart and a very complicated relationship with a mother who uses criticism as her preferred mode of expressing love. 

Jace Quinn is a driven businessman who, even after surviving a serious life-changing event, remains hell bent on avoiding any form of serious attachment. 
Some define insanity as doing things repeatedly while expecting a different outcome. What will Aislynn and Jace need to do to break this endless loop?

With the help of their undeniably intense sexual attraction, witty banter, and love for high-end coffee machines, Aislynn and Jace learn to bravely battle through the challenges of falling in love at the most inconvenient time, in a place they did not plan to be, and with the person they can’t seem to stop running into. 

Cursive's multiple layers of drama, romance, passion, and humor are tightly bound together by an unforeseeable major twist that will keep the reader engaged and connected until the very end.

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and without further aduo - here we go!

Cursive Dreamcast


Kate Beckinsale


Colin Egglesfield


Kristen Ritter  


Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Kelly Bishop

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I’m emotionally dynamic and of peculiar mind which is code for “hormonal and crazy.” Reading contemporary romance novels is my vice, and writing them is my most valued privilege. 

I have a pretty average life. I wear the mom hat, the wife shirt, the daughter skirt, and the working woman peep-toe heels all day long. But when I strip all of that down, I am an author.

I’m still amazed I get to say that. 

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