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Tattoo Thief

by Heidi Joy Tretheway

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soooooooooooo I was supposed to have this up earlier this week and I was sick - boo hoo, feel sorry for me....  just kidding, but I was really sick.  It sucked! But I'm back at it and feeling better, still a little hacky but better, lol.

any way ~ as I'm sure you saw I had the RDL up earlier for this book... this was before I read the book and now that I have read the book - DAMN!  You need to read it!!  It's goooooooooooooood.

OK enough explanation... let's get back to normal protocol 


22-year-old Beryl doesn't know why Gavin Slater trashed his penthouse, abandoned his dog and fled the country. But as his house sitter, she must pick up the pieces for the front man of the white-hot rock band Tattoo Thief. 

When ultra-responsible Beryl confronts the reckless rock star, she wants to know more than just what to do with his mess. Why is he running? What’s he searching for? And is he responsible for the death of his muse? 

New York newbie Beryl must find her footing in Gavin’s crazy world of the ultra-wealthy to discover her own direction and what can bring him back.

Steamy, sassy and tender, Tattoo Thief is a story of breaking from a comfort zone to find a second chance.

Book Info & Buy Links

Ebook, 300 pages
Published October 8th 2013 by Heidi Joy Tretheway
series Tattoo Thief #1
setting New York City, 2013 

Series Info

Tattoo Thief Series

Book #1 ~ Tattoo Thief

Book #2 ~ Tattoo Thief 2: Tyler & Stella

Author Info & Links

Heidi Joy lives in Happy Valley off Sunnyside Road. She swears she did not make that up.

Heidi’s obsessed with storytelling. Her career includes marketing, journalism, and a delicious few years as a food columnist. Media passes took her backstage with several rock bands, where she learned that sometimes a wardrobe malfunction is exactly what the rock star intends.

You’ll most often find Heidi Joy with her husband and two small kids cooking, fishing, exploring the Northwest, and building epic forts in their living room.

She loves to hear from readers via messages at

rating & review

oooooooooooooooooooook!  As you know I love a story about a rock star and a bad boy and a troubled girl... well this book's complexity and great story line is really good.  I was caught off guard by the intensity of emotion that was shown throughout this book.  The characters are well written and truly genuine.  I felt concerned about Beryl from the very start of her move.  I was connected with her story from the beginning.  I mean I think everyone will connect with her - everyone feels stuck - which is what makes her so real I think.  I loved the undercurrents through this book... the drama and confusion, well I loved it!  I loved how Beryl and Gavin connected via words - emails and chats.  I was great!  I also loved learning about Gavin along with B.  I was really fun seeing her through his eyes and when he came back to NYC - It was great.  I loved the story line and arc.  It was fun and dramatic and just wow.

I think everyone will really like this story.  I can't wait to read book 2 about Stella and Tyler.

anyway - enter to win the giveaway below and pick up your copy of B and Gavin's story.



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