Review ~ Girls Are Players (G.A.P. #2) by Ingrid Seymour

Girls Are Players 

(G.A.P. #2)

by Ingrid Seymour

Date of Publication: December 4, 2013


Jessica Norton is a villain in the body of a gorgeous, rich, college girl. She cheats, lies, plays with people’s feelings, and purposely breaks unsuspecting hearts to avenge a personal loss. She’s the kind of girl people love to hate—even if it’s just because she has it all. Except . . . she doesn’t have it all. What she wants most is the love of her high school sweetheart, Taylor Drennon, the guy who got away, the one who left without telling her why and caused all her bitterness.

Not surprisingly, Jessica’s evil has made her a pariah. Alone, without friends or Taylor’s love, her college life is a nightmare. She’s haunted by her own mistakes and drowning in lack of direction. Something needs to change. So when the first opportunity to turn her life around presents itself, she takes it. Home for Christmas break, Jessica runs into Taylor. His unexpected friendliness seems like an invitation to rekindle their love. Inspired by a drastic idea that will both distance her from her heinous reputation and pull her closer to Taylor, she decides to transfer to OSU where he attends under a football scholarship.

Confident she can regain his heart, Jessica reenters Taylor’s life with a splash. Failing to naturally lure him closer, she is then forced to rely on her old games and underhanded scheming. Though Jessica’s heart is in the right place, it is hidden from Taylor by her blunders. More than once their powerful chemistry takes control, leading Jessica to believe she’s winning. But, it’s a hot and cold affair, and she’s not the only one to blame for their stormy love. If Jessica can only coax Taylor into explaining why he doesn’t want her, maybe she could finally walk away from him for good, maybe she could finally be happy.

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Title: Girls Are Players (G.A.P. #2)
Author: Ingrid Seymour
Date of Publication: December 4, 2013
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance

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review & rating

I absolutely hated Jessica in GAP #1 - seriously HATED her!!!  So I was like why the hell is Ingrid writing a book about her?!  Well you know me... I can't leave anything alone once I start - even if I don't like it (i.e. Hunger Games **don't hit me**)  So I had to read this, I had no choice, I would have drove myself nuts knowing it was out but not reading it... so now that we all know how odd I am, let me tell you - this book was really good!  I actually like Jessica more than I liked Maddie o_O 

 photo ElizabethBanksSurprised_zpse8ca41c3.gif

oh I said it and I meant it!

 photo acabelieveit_zps0c9bfe45.gif

ok so now that I've dropped that bomb let's just get to it!  This story is so interesting!  I really really enjoyed getting to know Jessica as she got to know herself!  I felt like we were able to follow her through her journey and it was awesome!  Taylor, holy shit, Taylor!!  I loved the complexity of the relationships in this book!  I was able to walk alongside Jessica in this journey and feel what she felt - this book is really emotional.  You see the change in her character and in her outlook.  She truly finds herself through this book - it is really great to watch.

The end quarter of this book basically gutted me - I couldn't put it down, like I pretended to work and didn't answer phone calls so I could read... shhhhh don't tell my boss!

ok so... I really dont' want to say anymore because I don't want to spoil it for you all.

As I expected the writing was well done and the flow was awesome.  The only thing I don't like about this book is the cover... but that is just me - so take that for what it is, from a self proclaimed cover-whore....

now for my rating & recommendation


I'm giving this one 5 stars - I was stuck between 4.5 and 5 but while writing my review I decided on 5!


well I loved it so I'm recommending to anyone who loves to read NA and Romance.  This is a NA book, so I say you should be mature to read it...  

check it out!

author info & links

Ingrid Seymour loves, loves, loves to write. Her favorite genres are Young Adult and New Adult fiction.  Her debut novel “The Guys Are Props Club” is an NA contemporary romance which she immensely enjoyed writing.  Her favorite outings involve a trip to the library or bookstore where she immediately gravitates toward the YA section. She’s an avid reader and fangirl of many amazing books. She’s sure that one day she’ll see one of her books made into a movie. She likes to dream big ;)


For a long moment, we stood there staring at each other. I had the distinct feeling he was trying to calm down just enough so he didn’t have to walk out of here in handcuffs. His eyes had a murderous quality to them, after all. I crossed my arms over my chest and swallowed.
“Hi, Taylor,” I squeaked, knowing it was the stupidest thing to say. We were beyond pleasantries at this point.
“What the hell are you doing here, Jessica?” As he asked the question, his mouth twisted. The rumble of his deep, angry voice cut through me, making my fear redouble. Man, whatever happened to wanting to know me again?
“Um, I live here.” I said, looking around the room. “Don’t get cute with me! You know exactly what I mean.” Taylor took another step toward me. I responded with two steps backward. “You’re supposed to be in California. Why are you here?”
I rubbed my arm, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. “I—I transferred.”
“Why?” he demanded. Of course, that had been his question all along. Still, he wouldn’t get a straight answer from me. No one bursts into my room demanding things from me, especially not cheating bastards like him. Anger started pushing my fear aside, emboldening me. I hadn’t done anything wrong. He had. It wasn’t as if he held exclusive rights on this school, anyway.
“Because it’s a good school, and I wanted to come here. What do you care?”
Taylor pressed forward. I backed away until my heels hit the wall.
“Bullshit!” His exclamation was so forceful, and he stepped so close, that I felt his warm breath on my nose.
“What do you think gives you the right to force your way into my place and harass me?” I asked, thrusting my chin upward and trying to look as righteous as possible.
“I could ask you the same thing.”


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