Well hello all!  I know I have been missing for a month now; I'm so sorry!

I was sick and then life just got crazy!  I even got a new hair cut and color; which I love.

see isn't it fun!!!

I am working through all my back log this week; prepare yourselves for A LOT of posts!!  Reviews, randomness, and general fun - woot woot!

I've missed this and all of you!  I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of this thing.  

Oh and I'll also be posting at a new blog called A Diva A Day on Tuesdays.  So go check that awesomeness out - It is me a bunch of friends!  

You get a post from a different person each day of the week; so there's all kinds of fun and variety going on over there.  For those of you who have been following me a while this new blog is replacing the Passionate Book Divas blog I was on.  Something happened with that site so if you were following me on there you can cancel that stuff - that site is no longer a book blog that is me or my friends.  

Ok, so that's all I wanted - I know it was short, but I have to get back to the job that pays the bills. 


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