random update #1

So a few days ago I mentioned that my life has gotten extremely busy lately... well here's an update on what is going on.  I have two little boys, 2 and 7, who are awesome, but holy crow they are a hand full.  Monster, the 7 year old, is playing Club Soccer now... so there's two nights a week all a muck and crazy off-kilter for us.  Baby Kid, the 2 year old, is just a hot mess most days.  He's learning to talk and run and all the craziness that comes with being 2.  So he is just loud and constantly going and talking.
safe to say my household is messy and loud ALL THE TIME... we are the epitome of those signs that say "Please excuse the mess, we live here" ... totally true.

in addition to the kiddos, my husband and I are renovating the little house we live in right now - 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 900 square feet, 4 people, 1 weimaraner, 1 cat... I know we are crazy.  We only have the kitchen and back entry left to overhaul, but I've been dreading the kitchen that's why it is last... we've gutted the house room by room, all so that we can sell it.  I know... I know!  Feel sorry for me though because I've been living in this DIY Hell...


But that brings me to the last part of today's update!  We are building a new farmhouse!!  I finally get to move back to the country and to our very own little farm!  We are so excited!!  We were able to acquire 5.5 acres south of town and we are going to be starting construction this month!  Granted the construction that is starting this month is actually on my husband's shop, but that's because we need the electricity and storage it will provide to actually building the house!  Now... when I say we are building a new house, I mean literally WE - as in my family, husband, sister, brother in law, parents, father in law - WE are building the house.  I live in a pretty small area, and my dad and father in law know everyone we'd need to subcontract any work and they've all agreed to help us out with instruction and whatnot so that we can actually build the house ourselves!  I am so excited it is ridiculous!  I love to decorate, choose fixtures, designs etc.  So this is literally the most awesome thing that my husband could have agreed to do for me!!!!!!!
I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on how everything is going... for now here's a little sneak peak of what our farm looks like right now - it's a whole lot of dirt now that we've taken out all the old un-salvageable structures - I'll fill you in on that part later too - just know that I have everything we could keep and reuse to use again in the new house!  I have barn wood and all kinds of goodies horded around at the moment!


ok that's it for now - I'll see you all online



  1. How exciting (and super busy/crazy) this is!! Good luck with the build. I know it will be worth the hard work in the end. And dang, girl, I cannot believe you are building this yourselves! Much respect!


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