What's Been Happening?! #lifeupdate

Hi Lovelies!  

I'm back... how was your summer?
I know, I know.  I bailed on you all summer long.  I needed a break and it was amazing!
So here's a little update on what is happening in my neck of the woods!

The Farmhouse has walls!!  We are hoping to be moved in by Christmas this year... keep your fingers crossed for me.

I'm working through my little house (renovation still in progress, UGH) and organizing everything and packing and trashing/donating stuff we don't need.  It amazes me how much stuff we've accumulated over the years.

I have so many craft projects and signs and ideas to make and no time to do them.  What have you been crafting and working on?

I'm working my way back into blogging and posting reviews.  It's amazing to me how many emails I had missed over the summer :| holy hell!  But I got through them... all of them... and I'm scheduling my posts and what-nots for the next several months.  

There are soooooooo many books to talk about!  All the summer books, all the new releases coming up and **breath** JUST ALL THE AMAZING BOOKS.  They are EVERYWHERE!!!  What have you been reading and loving?!

OH OH OH and I have red hair now!  I love it so hard, oh my gosh, love it.  This isn't a great picture but it's what I look like today, so HA there you go. ;) 

Ok that's what I've got going on (plus of course my regular office job).  Tell me what you want to see - do you want to see in the first week of posts?  The Farmhouse progress, the crafts, the signs, ALL THE BOOKS?  You will see all of it... eventually ;) but I'll let you help me set up the presentation order!  Let me know below!

until next time, xo!


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