just thinking...

do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself, "this is it!  I'm going to get my shit together."  well i've had several of those moments over the past months... and then life gets in the way.

those of you who know me well and who have followed random jendsmit for a while have seen mention of the farmhouse we are building... let me just tell you this project has killed any kind of time i though i was going to have for this blog, reading, damn near anything outside of construction and construction related things.  which sucks... sucks bad.

i am so far behind, like feeling like the hole is so giant i'll never dig my way out.

legit had some tears the other day thinking about all the stuff i haven't been able to get done yet...

i promise i'll get it all done, but i am going to continue to be in and out online and my reviews are going to continue to be super sparse... which sucks and i'm sorry, but this is just how it is right now

i have to give this construction all my effort to make it the best i can for our family

i know you all understand and that's why i love you <3

OK enough of that!  i am reading A Mess of A Man by AM Hargrove and Terri E Laine right now and HOLY SHMOLY it is so good.  If you haven't read it yet, you need to....... here's the amazon link to check it out!


i'm also reading these two books, in order of course, and you'll love them... you know i love beautiful covers and OMG do you see these?!  they are amazing.  

check these books out here on amazon, i'm loving these characters and this story so hard...



side note!  i'm still thinking about vlogging... any suggestions on how to get started on this?  I mean I can use my phone and just chat with y'all but I wondered if there is a good walk though out there??  Link me up in the comments!

ok, kittens, i'll see you later!  
xo, jendsmit


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