Review | The Billionaire Shifter's Surprise by Samantha Leal

This is my first experience with Samantha Leal's work, and I really enjoyed it.  What have you read from her? 

Should I read the whole series?  What do you think?!

Have you read this one yet?

Here's what my thoughts are on it.  Please note, I received a copy of this book from Totally Romance Publishing in exchange for my honest review; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Book

Curvy Cally is recovering from a broken heart when a wild night out with her room mate leads her to her ultimate fate. Gorgeous businessman Hugo is exactly what she needs to get her confidence back, but little does she know he is about to change her forever. 

When Hugo disappears after their wild night of passion, he never feels too far away. And when months later Cally finds herself beginning a new job for a reclusive billionaire in the middle of the city, she is more than shocked when it is Hugo who answers the door and welcomes her into his home and private world. 

Hugo has been hiding and fearing for his safety, but now things have calmed, fate has brought him and Cally back together. However, all is not what it seems... Hugo has a secret. He is a bear shifter, and their connection is something special because he claimed Cally the moment he set eyes on her... And now it's not only Hugo who has a secret... Cally is pregnant with his cub baby! And things are only going to get better and better! 

Warning: This eBook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only 

This story will appeal to those interested in BBW Werebear Paranormal New Adult Billionaire Shapeshifter Contemporary Secret Baby Romance Short Stories

My Review & Rating

As weird as this might be, I love how Cally explains why she just went with him in the beginning.  This is the first book from this author, Samantha Leal, and I really like the way she explained all of Cally's thoughts and feelings on this.  This is also why I will always and forever be a fan of PRN.  I don't care what you say, I like it! 

What knocked the rating down a bit for me is that the flow is a bit choppy, but I understand the story.  It seems like it might be missing some transition segments here and there, but again, nothing awful.  It's a short story - You can't wax on for a chapter about it, and I get that.  

Leal's style is easy to follow and the pace is really good.  It's quick but not racing through most of the story, and I liked it.  Now, the end I feel like wrapped up really quickly, but this is a short story, so I am totally cool with it. 

I enjoyed this short story by Leal, and I am feeling really refreshed by this style and pace.  I will be checking out more from this author.

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About the Author, Samantha Leal

Samantha Leal loves nothing more than spinning tales of alpha male romance, whether it be about Bad Boy Bikers, Highlanders or Werebears. She feels incredibly grateful to be able to make a living through her creativity and imagination, and in a way that allows for an endless exploration of that most central drive in us all – the drive to connect, to be loved and to love…and let’s not forget about the Sex. Sex is the most natural of all our drives and she is happy if she can empower woman, even in the smallest of ways, to explore that side of themselves, whether it be in a dark fantasy or a more prince charming form. It is her humble hope that her readers enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys pouring it out on the page, so to speak. 
Samantha lives in a quaint little town that is probably not too different than many you might know. In the moments when she is not writing or raising her little girl, she loves a good TV night, as well as the occasional dabble with a paint brush. Her other passion would be to be out in nature among the woods, where she still hopes to encounter some sprites or perhaps some other sort of mythical creatures one day – the good kind of course! She is always open to the possibility that fantastical things do exist beyond the confines of her own fertile imagination.

xo, jendsmit


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