Review | Taking Tessa by Aria Cole

Today I'm reviewing Taking Tessa by Aria Cole 

Alright, here we go.  First, here's a little about the book and where you can get it. 

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About the Book

Cage West has spent his entire life waiting for that one special woman to turn his world upside down. As a detective with the local PD, he fills his hours investigating criminals with little time left for much else. When a tip comes into the office about a possible kidnapping at a suspiciously familiar address, Cage is prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue the girl, but when he lays eyes on sweet, innocent Tessa, a firestorm knocks him off his feet. She needs him, and he damn sure wants her–for now, for life, forever.

Nineteen-year-old Tessa Talbot hasn't seen the outside world in two years. Her stepfather keeps her under his thumb after the tragic death of her mother, convinced she'll only succumb to all the sins the world has to offer. He's kept her wildly untouched, and after years of sheltered homeschooling, she's doubtful her life will ever look any different. That is until one tall, dark, and devilishly handsome detective knocks on her door. 

Scared to let him in, even more afraid to turn him away, Tessa makes the decision of her life and decides to trust the man she's only just met and leave the only world she's ever known behind. She's just praying the past won't return to haunt her, he's just praying he can save her when it does.
Warning: Cage is a rough and growly alpha male with a fierce loyalty for the woman he loves. This story is a wild, twisty ride coated in sugary, Aria Cole sweetness with a sinfully delicious dollop of sexy times drizzled on top. Snuggle in and get swept away with Cage while he's taking Tessa!

My review & rating

I hate giving these kind of reviews... it pains me.  I'm giving this book 2 stars.  I just really didn't feel the story.  

So what was my problem? 

Was it the characters?  No!  The characters were pretty good.  Their setup was great, and they began the story amazingly.

Was it the writing?  Nope.  The author writes really well.  The flow and style in the book are really great, but the story just didn't work for me.

Honestly, I knew this was going to be close to the line for me going into this book, the line as in the BS line I have for what I can and can't allow or tolerate.  This book literally trampled my line so fast I didn't even see it coming.  This story is really short, like short as in I read it start to finish in a few hours one evening after dinner, so I was giving it a lot of room to move through normal things and progressions, you know check the boxes on the list real fast.  But it didn't work at all for me.  The progression was way way too far off for me.  I didn't buy it or believe it at all, wherein lies my problem.  This killed the book for me, just killed it dead.

This story had the potential to be amazing and it just fell so short.

xo, jendsmit


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