Teaser | One Wrong Choice by AM Hargrove & Terri E Laine

One Wrong Choice by A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine is coming March 1st!

You are cordially invited to witness the union of Jenna and Kenneth...

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to marry the perfect guy?

Mr. Tall, Dark, Rich, and Handsome, the one who waits for me at the altar, is that man.

It's what my family wants.

For a long time, it was what I thought I wanted, too.

Then I met Brandon, a ruggedly handsome guy with inked up sleeves, who turns my dreams into flames of heat.

What kind of person am I—an engaged woman constantly fantasizing and lusting over her best friend?

When Kenneth is away, Brandon fills all my dangerous desires, even though we haven’t so much as kissed.

I'm torn between doing the right thing and following my heart.

If I make one wrong choice, I risk losing it all.


Y'all know I love amazing covers... This one has me all kinds of ways currently. 

 This book's teaser are on another level.  

That is all.  Just wanted to to share... from one cover whore to another - you know you love this one.  

These authors know exactly what they are doing and....



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