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USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Shea brings you the third title in her thrilling and sexy romantic suspense Bound & Broken Series, BETRAYED BY LIES, releasing April 24, 2017. 

Don’t miss the beautiful cover below, and be sure to grab your copies of BROKEN BY LIES and BOUND BY LIES today!

 Fall into the deliciously dark world where the line between good and evil becomes blurred. 

 From the USA Today bestselling author of the Unbreakable series, comes a sexy, heart-wrenching novel…Betrayed by Lies.

As an ATF agent, bringing down the Estrada cartel has been my sole mission. I’m a skilled agent, determined and fearless, but a relentless pursuit and a willingness to risk everything almost killed me.
A year later, when an opportunity in Los Angeles presents itself, I jump at the chance to start over and rebuild the career and life I almost lost.

Kate Stevens was not part of my new plan. I never expected she would be the one to save me from my past. She was exactly what I needed—smart, beautiful and independent. I finally have a future I look forward to.

Only nothing in my life ever goes according to plan. Losing Kate is not an option, but fate seems poised to ruin me, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.

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About the Author, Rebecca Shea

Author Photo - Rebecca Shea

Rebecca Shea is the USA Today Bestselling author of the Unbreakable series (Unbreakable, Undone, and Unforgiven) and the Bound and Broken series (Broken by Lies and Bound by Lies). She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family. From the time Rebecca could read she has had a passion for books. Rebecca spends her days working and her nights writing, bringing stories to life. Born and raised in Minnesota, Rebecca moved to Arizona in 1999 to escape the bitter winters. When not working or writing, she can be found on the sidelines of her sons’ football games, or watching her daughter at ballet class. Rebecca is fueled by insane amounts of coffee, margaritas, Laffy Taffy (except the banana ones), and happily ever afters.

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Fatal Obsession, Ultimate Deception, & Defiant Temptation by Lynn Stookes

Have you seen this series yet from Lynn Stookes?  

Oh My Goodness!

It's SO good!!

I have read Fatal Obsession and Ultimate Deception, books 1 & 2, in the series yet and I'M SO HOOKED!!  You have to get these books and read them all!  You'll get sucked in and it won't take you any time at all to read them.  I have literally devoured them in a few days.  

My reviews for both books 1 and 2 are below - but first here's some info' on book 3, Defiant Temptation.  It's the newest release and is NOW AVAILABLE!

Title: Defiant Temptation

Series: Harden #3

Author: Lynn Stookes

Genre: Adult, Suspense Romance

Published: March 24, 2017

Harper Andrews hasn't had it easy; abandoned by her mother, dated a scheming boyfriend, and fought for her father’s life against cancer. But she's always prevailed, until now when her world seems to be falling apart.

Tristan Page never loses control; not at the death and reemergence of his sister’s cheating husband, the attack on her life, or even when his company seems to be failing. He's always in command of his actions until one woman threatens to make his world spiral.

Tristan plays on Harper’s last nerve.

Harper tries Tristan’s patience and self-control.

Forced together, in a search for her mother, they battle their attraction for one another. Harper wants him. Tristan wants what he can't have.

Can they defy temptation or will their explosive chemistry set them on a path for self-destruction?

Defiant Temptation Excerpt © Lynn Stookes 2017

 “What ya’ doing man?” Blake questions.

“Working on a case,” I fib. I am working on a case, but he doesn’t need to know it involves waiting outside Harper’s campus while she finishes her classes.

“You sure about that?”

“Yeah,” I pause. What does he know? “Why? What’s up?”

“Oh, you know, nothing,” he chuckles. “Mrs. Nelson stopped by the station today.”

“Yeah? Everything okay with her?”

“She’s perfectly fine,” his voice cracks with a laugh.

Sawyer’s voice booms over the line, “Is that Tristan?”

“Yes.” I hear shuffling in the background.

“You asking about Mrs. Nelson?”

“I’m trying to if you would shut your mouth,” Blake retorts.

“Put it on speaker,” Sawyer demands.

“Such a demanding little shit,” Blake mumbles.

“But you love me anyway.”

“If you didn’t make Dani happy, I’d probably find a dark hole for you.”

I chuckle at the banter between two of my best friends. We’ve always had an easy friendship, even though our lives couldn’t be more different. Blake has a large loving family; I just have Kylie, and now Dani; Sawyer has an alcoholic father he doesn’t see much. Such different upbringings, but we’ve always been close. Even after years away, it was easy to pick up where we left off.

“Hey, Tristan,” Sawyer says into the phone.

“What the hell do you want?” I counter, dreading what they have to say. If it has to do with Mrs. Nelson, it’s nothing good.

“Like I was saying, we had a visit from Mrs. Nelson today,” Blake explains.

“Yeah, so?”

Sawyer chuckles, “She had a story to tell us.” Another laugh bursts from him. “She wanted us to talk to you.”


“About your discretion.” Blake joins in the laughter.

“Discretion?” Confusion runs through me. I have no clue what the old bird is talking about.

“She saw you and Harper pull out of Harry’s place early this morning,” Blake explains.

“Too early for anything pure,” Sawyer snorts. “And your devious ways will get Ms. Innocent Harper into trouble. You better make an honest woman of her.”

That damn old woman. What the hell is she doing? Watching my every move? I remain quiet, hoping they’ll move on, but knowing better.

“Is it true?” Blake asks, trying to contain his amusement.


“Are your devious ways corrupting the innocent Harper?” Sawyer questions.

“No!” I shout, frustration rushing through my veins.

“Banks wasn’t happy when he heard the news from Mrs. Nelson,” Blake comments.

“Apparently, it wasn’t the first time she caught you in a compromising position with Harper,” Sawyer adds.

“Something about you leaving her apartment after an afternoon nookie session.”

They’re ganging up on me. I’m never going to hear the end of this unless I shut them down.

“For the last fucking time, there’s nothing happening with Harper. I got suckered into giving her a ride this morning by Harry,” I say, and to make sure my point is made, I add, “Why would I waste my time with a girl like her? She probably doesn’t even know what to do with a dick. Have you looked at her? She has virgin written all over her face.” The words make my stomach curl, but I need them to drop it. “Besides, she’s not even that cute. I like my woman with curves. Harper is a walking stick. It’d be like fucking a board.”

The small gasp behind me has me instantly regretting my words.

“Gotta go,” I say into the phone and put it in my pocket without waiting for a response. Slowly, I turn.

Harper stands before me, a flaming beauty, seething with anger. Her gorgeous red hair is in a tight ponytail, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. Fuck.

“Harper,” I whisper, reaching for her.

She takes a step back, holding her books close to her chest.

“I…uh…” I stutter, trying to think of an excuse. “I never meant for you to hear that.”

I definitely said the wrong thing because a notebook barrels towards my head. I quickly duck, avoiding it, but not quick enough to dodge a textbook hitting me in the eye.


I reach up, grabbing my eye as the book hits the ground, breaking the seam, pages flying away. She threw books at me. Hard. I look at Harper with my good eye. Her hand is on her chest, shock on her face.

“Are you happy now, Harper?”

“I didn’t…” she begins.

“Didn’t plan on throwing a book at my fucking face?” I growl. “Didn’t plan on acting like a child?”

I take a menacing step towards her, and she quickly retreats, a hand keeping distance between us.

“What, Harper? Don’t tell me you’re scared because you heard something you didn’t want to hear. The truth.”

If I’m going to be a dick, might as well go all in, right?

Harper hisses. “Screw you, Tristan Page! You’re nothing but a chauvinistic dick. I don’t know why I ever wanted you!” She pokes my chest, emphasizing each word. “You’ve made it abundantly clear that you are…you are…”

“Come on, little girl,” I egg on. “Spit it out. What am I?”

Her amber eyes meet mine, dancing like they’re on fire. Fuck if her pissed off isn’t hotter than shit. I seriously screwed up. Her breathing is heavy and ragged, pushing her small but perfect breasts towards me, barely brushing my chest.

“You are,” she pauses, “Nothing. You’re absolutely nothing, Tristan Page.”

She tries to walk away, but I pull her arm, forcing her between me and the truck.

“Nothing?” I question, her words hitting too close to home. “Really?”

Her breath hitches, arousal dancing in her eyes. Before I can stop myself, my mouth is on hers, brutally taking what I want. I nip at her lips, begging her to let me in. I move my hand from her hip, tracing her skin until I brush the swell of her breast. She gasps, allowing me the entrance I crave. I sweep in, devouring her sweet taste, knowing I could easily get addicted.

Harper whimpers when I push her against the hood. My body is so rigid that I literally ache. My erection rubs against her stomach, and I lift her, wanting our bodies to match up. Her leg wraps around my waist. I rock into her, but distant whistles and cat calls filter through my lust induced haze.

Harper must hear them, too, because she pulls back, breaking the best fucking kiss of my life. Avoiding her eyes, I look around at an audience. People even have their fucking phones out, taking pictures and videos.


Lynn Stookes was born and raised in the amazing state of Texas, where she currently resides with her husband of five years. They have one rambunctious four year old son and three furry children, who create the chaos she couldn’t live without.

One day, Lynn took her passion (maybe obsession is more apt) for romance books and mystery shows and wrote her first romantic suspense novel, Fatal Obsession, Book 1 in the Harden Series.

When Lynn isn’t writing or working her day job, you can find her reading on her Kindle, spending time with her family and friends, or playing on Facebook. She loves running, coffee, and country music in no particular order.

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ok!  did you grab your copy of Defiant Temptation yet?!  I'm currently reading it and IT IS SO GOOD!

Anyway, here is my review for book 1, Fatal Obsession, and book 2, Ultimate Deception.  Check these out, grab your copies of all three books and let me know what you think!

Fatal Obsession

{Book #1}
by Lynn Stookes

Kylie Delaney had the perfect life until one night changed everything. Now she’s moving back to her hometown to escape the pain and start over, but someone won’t let her forget the past.

Detective Blake Winters moved back to his hometown to escape the violence of the city, but when bodies start showing up murdered, he questions his decision. That is until the girl he wanted as a teenager moves in across the street. Then all bets are off.

Now, Kylie must face the past with Blake, the one man who broke her young heart. Can they explore a new relationship and both stay alive as they search for the person behind the murders?

My Review & Rating

Oh y'all are in for it with this book!  The prologue hooked me... It's so creepy seeing inside his head!  It gave me goosebumps and I had to finish the story that same night.  I stayed up because I couldn't NOT know.  I was too hooked on the story to put it down.  

I am not usually drawn to action filled suspense stories... I don't love them usually for one reason or another, but this story I loved.

I felt for Kylie from the beginning.  Her emotions were so raw and painful.  I loved the little glimpses that are in the beginning of the story to the person she can be.  The person she's trying to get back to, or really just get to.  She develops so much in this story.  She has to, but she could just give up.  She doesn't but she shows there's a choice to make.  There's always a choice.  She struggles the entire time with this choice, but she keeps going, keeps working.  She keeps struggling until she gets there.  

Blake... I mean we all love the hero, but Blake wasn't my favorite until the backstory came into focus from his end better.  Once that story was told, I totally got where he was coming from and absolutely understood.  There's background between them and I loved that part of the story.  Blake is great.  I loved having his POV in this story.  He's so smart and yet so dumb... you know what I mean.  He's SO smart and skilled at his job and at being a great guy, but so dumb when it comes to girls and personal relationships.  

This story is legit a movie in your head while you read it.  The writing is so well done and so clear I was able to see everything exactly and so clearly while I was reading.

I think what moved this book from a like to a love was that just when I thought I had it figured out it turned and I was wrong.  I really loved these characters and absolutely enjoyed their story.

It's so good!


Ultimate Deception

{Book #2}
by Lynn Stookes

In a matter of months, Dani Delaney's world drastically changed. Now, she faces the toughest challenge of her life and is determined to handle it on her own. 

Detective Sawyer Woods will do anything to be with Dani, the woman he's dreamed about since he first laid eyes on her, but she'll have nothing to do with him, no matter how much charm he uses. 

It isn't until Dani receives threatening messages and criminal activities happen around town that she's forced to accept the help of the one man who can bring her to her knees. Can Sawyer protect the one woman who doesn't want him and convince her to give him a shot? Or can one lie destroy it all?

My Review & Rating

This book was better than the first one... I KNOW RIGHT?!  How is that possible... I know that's what you are asking, but it really is.  

The prologue again is so good... it got me this time again.  It made me HAVE to know what happened.  

Now, Dani was not what I thought she was based on knowing her through Fatal Obsession (Book #1).  I knew she was strong, which was confirmed in chapter one of her story.  What I didn't know was why she is so stubborn and so independent; once it was explained when she told her backstory EVERYTHING made sense.  Then Lynn Stookes KILLED ME!  She threw this whole story to another level!!  

Sawyer is such a crazy combo of a man.  He is so easy going most of the time and then Dani comes into play and he can't control his need to control the situation.  It's crazy and I loved it!  It obviously throws so much conflict into the situations with Dani being so independent and whatnot, but I loved it the whole time!  

By chapter 3 I was dying... I was dying for Sawyer and for Dani at the same time for different and yet the same reasons.  You'll have to read this one to know exactly what I mean by this, but you'll know as soon as you read it.  Throughout so much of this story I ached for Sawyer.  He is so amazing and so sweet.  
"Anything for you, Dani." ... "Anything for you."  -- Sawyer says this SO many times to her
I am so mad at Dani for a lot of things, but I get it... I just don't like it.  I see her trying and getting stopped by one thing or another, but I still don't like it.  I'm not going to lie... when it bites her in the butt (as karma always does) I felt vindicated but was still shattered but it.  When Dani is talking to Kylie about everything it gutted me when she talks about not deserving anyone feeling sorry for her... she hated herself so much it just killed me.  

Just when I thought I couldn't be into this story more, there's a HUGE development from Dani in the backstory and HOLY COW!  Then you know everyone adjusts a little, takes it all in, and then just like that I got hit again!  Another crazy twist!

I just couldn't handle the awesome in this book.  It was so great.  

By far one of the best I've read in a long time - possibly ever.  I loved it.

Say I'm Yours by Corinne Michaels

From New York Times Bestseller, Corinne Michaels, comes a new second chance standalone romance.

I spent twenty years waiting for Trent Hennington to open his eyes and see me. But it was all for nothing. He chose to keep himself guarded and let me walk away, proving that my time and efforts were wasted.

I'm done being invisible.
It's time to move on.

A single dance sets my new reality into motion, and I welcome it. After all, Cooper Townsend is perfect. He's kind, sexy, and attentive--everything a girl could want.

I thought I got it right this time.

That my heart could mend, and I would be happy.

Apparently, some things really are just too hard to walk away from.


Buy your copy today!

Amazon  iBooksBarnes & NobleGoogle PlayKobo

About the Author, Corinne Michaels

Corinne Close MediumCorinne Michaels is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Salvation Series (Beloved, Beholden, Consolation, Conviction & Defenseless), Say You'll Stay, Say You Want Me, and Say I'm Yours. She's an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.

Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn't ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha heroes are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.


My two cents...

Y'all!  I really wanted to join in on reading this for release today, but my schedule didn't work.  I am so excited to read this story!  It really intrigues me with the tease of a second chance but then she moves on and I am SO interested in what happens!!  I'm into these characters and their stories... I think it will be really cool to read how this unfolds and twists and intertwines.  Grab your copy and let me know what you think of it!

Review | Bound by Brenda Rothert (Fire On Ice #1)

Fire On Ice Series by Brenda Rothert

I've read Bound, the first in the series and my review is below.  I can't wait to see what y'all think of this series!  Let me know in the comments!!  I'm really excited to read the rest of this series.


BOUND (Fire on Ice, #1)

College senior Kate Camden has learned to adapt - to her last year of school, to the promise of motherhood, to the fact that she’s doing it all alone. But just when she’s learned to adjust, heartache threatens to break her apart.

Pro hockey player Jason “Ryke” Ryker has it all: adoring fans, a promising career, and a beautiful wife. But when his seemingly perfect life is shaken by tragedy, he’s left questioning whether having it all is ever more than an illusion.

When circumstance brings Kate and Ryke together, they discover they don’t have to hurt alone. Bound by a grief that haunts them both, they must rely on one another to survive heartbreak. But that grief is more powerful than they realize, and the tie that binds them together may ultimately tear them apart.

Buy your copy of Bound right here!

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My Rating & Review

Y’all this book grabbed me by the heart in the first pages and just pulled me along the entire time.  There is a lot of emotion in this book tied up in two characters.  I really liked Kate, but Ryke is the killer character for me.  I really loved him.  He’s so caring and considerate and yet so alpha and utterly manly at the same time.  Oh and Lord help me, when he showed up in a ball cap and a Jeep … I was done for.

This story is a real emotional one.  I was tearing up when it grabbed my heart.  That was the point where I knew I was in this world for the long haul.  I felt invested in this story and how it ended.  I am really excited to read the rest of this series.  I have to know what happens for these people.  I have to know all the events that go down and all the stuff that gets thrown up while they are trying to make it work.

This is the first book in a series, but there isn’t a cliffhanger ending, thank God.  That’s all I’m telling you, but I hate when I start a book and find out it has a cliff hanger… HATE IT.  So I’ll tell you that much because I’m your friend.

Back to being serious though, this book shows and touches on a lot of tough issues.  I love that these two people meet while seeking help.  I love that this author is showing a support group.  I love how this group of people becomes important and also is such a touch point for Kate and Ryke.

I also bought and listened to this audio book some of the time while I was reading this story.  The narrators were pretty good.  I didn’t love either narrator, but they weren’t bad just ok for me.  The story was told well through their performances.

Here's the entire series for you to see all together - grab your copies and check it out!  Come back and let me know what you think!  I'll be reviewing these for you as I finish reading each one.

FIRE ON ICE series by Brenda Rothert

BOUND (Fire on Ice, #1)

College senior Kate Camden has learned to adapt - to her last year of school, to the promise of motherhood, to the fact that she’s doing it all alone. But just when she’s learned to adjust, heartache threatens to break her apart.

Pro hockey player Jason “Ryke” Ryker has it all: adoring fans, a promising career, and a beautiful wife. But when his seemingly perfect life is shaken by tragedy, he’s left questioning whether having it all is ever more than an illusion.

When circumstance brings Kate and Ryke together, they discover they don’t have to hurt alone. Bound by a grief that haunts them both, they must rely on one another to survive heartbreak. But that grief is more powerful than they realize, and the tie that binds them together may ultimately tear them apart.

Buy Links:

CAPTIVE (Fire on Ice, #2)

Two years ago, Jason and Kate Ryker were brought together by grief and bound to one another by love. Now married, they’re confronting their fears together.

But heartbreak finds them again, and the ties that bind Kate and Ryke are tested as she struggles against fear and sadness. As a grief counselor, Kate understands all too well the pain of her clients. And while her husband’s career as an NHL forward is at an all-time high, he’s coping with the frustration of feeling powerless as his wife's hopes slip away.

Kate’s unexpected journey sheds light on the fear that imprisons her, and reveals that she is the only one who can set herself free.

Buy Links:

EDGE (Fire on Ice, #3)

One bad hit has left the career of young NHL Center Luke Hudson in question. When he arrives for rehab with a minor league team, his injury has robbed him of the edge that made him great.

Team trainer Adella Price’s job is to help Luke get back in peak condition. But their one on one sessions shake her resolve to remain unattached. Dell is hands-off to all hockey players, even one as charming and successful as Luke.

As Luke starts to get ahold of his game again, he loses his grip on his heart. Helping Luke get his edge back brings to light what Dell is missing from her life. But those who want them apart are relentless, and with their careers on the line, Luke and Dell must decide if their love is worth risking it all.

Buy Links:

DRIVE (Fire on Ice, #4)

Years of training are about to pay off for hockey player Nikola Vereshkova. A call to play in the big league means he can finally come through for those who need him. His relocation to Chicago comes with built-in friends – and one gorgeous enemy who was less than impressed with him after their first encounter.
Sadie Alexander knows all about the drastic measures men will take just to get laid. She’s not only experienced it first-hand, but lived to tell about it in her online column, Sadie Says. And even though she’s a die-hard independent woman on the outside, the recent marriage of her best friend has her secretly feeling more alone than ever.
Getting close to a foul-mouthed Russian hockey heartthrob was the last thing Sadie expected. And the timing couldn’t be worse since she’s sworn off of men for a writing assignment. The line between love and hate is eroding, and Niko and Sadie find themselves in deeper than they ever expected. Could something that started out wrong end up being just right?

Buy Links:

RELEASE (Fire on Ice, #5)

NHL player Orion Caldwell protects his own. He’s an enforcer to his core, but he was the one left defenseless when his longtime girlfriend broke his heart. Now he’s all about his game, but spending the offseason in his hometown forces him to confront painful issues –both old and new.

Samara Cross just wants to be invisible. After living a nightmare, she came back to her hometown seeking solace. But her quiet new life is upturned by the hot, charismatic hockey player who’s taken a sudden interest in her.

Orion and Samara find something unexpected in each other, but when the hockey offseason ends, so does their time together. They struggle with their separation, confronted by ghosts of the past and an uncertain future, discovering that sometimes the only way to hold on to something precious is to let go.

Buy Links:

About the Author, Brenda Rothert

Brenda Rothert is an Illinois native who was a print journalist for nine years. She made the jump from fact to fiction in 2013 and never looked back. From new adult to steamy contemporary romance, Brenda creates fresh characters in every story she tells. She’s a lover of Diet Coke, chocolate, lazy weekends and happily ever afters.