Review | Drift Heat by Adrian R. Hale

You need to read this book ASAP.  You'll thank me later.

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I didn't want to only be known as the pretty, blonde daughter of a famous race car driver. I wanted to make a name for myself and I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way. So when I saw the opportunity of a lifetime, I jumped. Being the face of the hottest new racing team in the business was a dream come true.

Until he showed up.

Griffin McGregor. Bad boy star driver. On the track, he's gold. Off the track? He's everything my daddy ever warned me about. Infuriatingly egotistical, explosive temper, argumentative know-it-all...why does he have to be so freaking hot? 

It'll be a miracle if we can get this team to the championship title without killing each other. Or worse. Because the last thing I'm going to do is wreck my career by jumping in bed with a race car driver.

Here's a bit about Adrian, the author!

Adrian R. Hale is a whirlwind of energy and optimism, just as ready to tell you about her books as she is to invite you over for cookies. She is a big dreamer and believes in chasing them down with speed and enthusiasm, much like the characters she writes. 

You can find her cycling around Austin, TX, running trails, baking gourmet cupcakes, beautifying people for weddings and photo shoots, and traveling all over the country in pursuit of those interests. 
Once upon a time, Adrian went to college thinking she would be a journalist, but dropped out to go to beauty school. She later wrote a novel about a hair and makeup artist. Things have definitely come full circle! 

She loves hearing from her readers at or

My Rating & Review... 

Y'all have you read this book from Adrian yet?!  It's so fantastic.  You need to read it today.  It'll only take you a minute - It's super easy to read and will suck you straight into the story.  I LOVE IT.


This book is full of badassery. Not a word?  I don't care... 

Shelby is amazing and Griffin has knocked my other book boyfriends off the podium.

So good.

This book is so amazing. The story is on fire - it has everything you could ask for from a book.
Griffin, oh Griffin... he is so great. He's complicated and unpredictable. I loved watching him grow up (I guess that's what to call it) in this book... He went from a cocky d*$#@*# to a really awesome person and the journey is pretty cool to see.

Shelby, I love her. I mean, I hated her at times, but I think that's what makes her so great. She's so cool and totally reminds me of parts of my friends. She made mistakes and that made her so much better through the story. I really loved it.

I think this team is so important also and I can't wait to see what coming for them!

Anyway, back to this book ... I think readers will love it. It has great appeal, it has amazing writing, and the story is just BOMB!

Grab your copy and check it out.


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