Satan's Son by Simone Elise

You never expect to meet your soul mate after you die.

And you definitely never expect your soul mate not to have a soul at all.

But that’s what happened to Addison. One minute she’s walking along in her average life, worrying about curfew, and the next minute she’s in hell.

Addison was living a typical teenager’s life before being dragged down to hell to atone for her sins on Earth. She must now make up for her bad behavior but is not expecting to meet her match in Ethan.

Devilish good looks, charming smirk, an attitude to match, oh, and he’s Satan’s Son. Addison must now navigate the channels of hell with the reluctant guidance of Ethan as he atones for his own error.

But could his mistake be closer linked to Addison’s death than she knows?

Neither Addison or Ethan were planning to find love but now that they’re here, which will it be: Heaven or Hell?

rating & review

I didn't love this story and I didn't hate it.  I honestly don't have any strong feelings either way.  It was just a book I read.  Nothing stood out to me making this extraordinary.  The characters were ok.  The writing was ok.  It was all just ok for me.

I wanted to really love the book, but I didn't.  I was severely underwhelmed.  

One thing I really don't like is the cover - it doesn't show the story at all.  I don't even think it shows the characters well...

Sorry I don't have more to say on it, but I really don't have any feelings on this one at all...  wish I had more to tell you.  


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