The Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey

At Twin Oaks Country Club, there are the fortunate ones, and then there are the rest of us: the waiters, the caddies, the valets, and in my case, the cabana girls. Most days, I’m poolside in a pleated skirt, dishing out margaritas to tycoons and titans. It’s not exactly my dream job, but it does come with one perk…

James Ashwood.

He’s my silver lining in a custom black suit.

Besides being a legacy member at the club, he’s a tech mogul and Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Oh, and those dimples? Yeah, they make my stomach dip too.

On good days, I catch his sleek Porsche winding down the tree-lined drive. On better days, I steal a glimpse of his handsome profile as we pass in the hall. And on the absolute best day, I find him alone at the bar, looking for company.

“Come have a seat.”

Those four little words set me down a path I never could have imagined. Private planes, penthouse suites, and temptations around every corner make it impossible to keep my distance. His world feels decadent and wild—but overindulgence comes with a cost. Every kiss comes with strings. Every erotic encounter is a promise I’m not ready to keep.

When I pump the brakes, he hits the gas. James doesn’t want to go slow—he wants a commitment.

And the thing about the fortunate ones?

They’re used to getting what they want.

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My Review

So, I apparently have been living under a rock and haven't read ALL of R.S. Grey's books yet.  I absolutely love her writing!  I legit love love love her!  I read part of this book and I listened to the Audible version of it for a lot of it.  I really enjoyed the audible book!  I'd absolutely recommend both the printed or kindle version AND the audible offering!  They are all fantastic!

Now on to my thoughts... I know you are all on pins and needles right now!

The cover on this book is beautiful, but it doesn't really reflect the characters in the book... you know I love a pretty cover and this one is stunning.  It truly is, but it doesn't work for me after reading the book and knowing the characters.  

R.S. Grey's writing is so amazing.  It is quick.  It is witty.  It is smart.  Her characters are so real and relatable (is that even a word?! probably not but I'm using it... you know what I mean by it <3 you're my people).  They are funny and complex and heartfelt.  I truly enjoyed reading their story.  R.S. Grey's style and flow is great.  Her words are at the perfect pace to keep up with the story and not drag out.  It's like watching a movie, you can hear the words from the characters and see everything happening.  I love books like this and I can't wait to read more from this author.  

This book is a Rom-Com!  I haven't read one of these in for - ev - er ... Why in the hell did I wait so long to find this 'type' of book (for lack of brainpower to think of a better word for it...) ?!  I absolutely LOVED it.  

Annnnyway ... Brooke and James are great characters.  

I want a friend like Brooke.  She is so funny and sarcastic and truly emotional.  She's weird, awkward, funny, mad, and torn like we all are.  I felt what she felt, the happiness, the heartache, the unease, the joy, all of her emotions were so real and raw.  I loved every minute of her and I just plain loved her.  

James was so complex.  At first I thought he was just the standard interest in the book, but he is really so much more.  I really liked him throughout the story.  I loved how he laid it out there and took the hits through the story.  When he hurt you could see it and feel it.  It was raw.   

Another part of this story is Brooke's relationship with her sister Ellie.  Their relationship is so genuine.  It reminds me of my sister and I in a lot of ways.  I think that's why I really related to it as part of the story.  It's such a great part of Brooke's story.  Ellie's character is really good too - I'd love to see something else from R.S. Grey about Ellie, but that's a whole other ballgame if you ask me.     

I know I keep saying "raw" through this post, but these feelings in this book are deep and raw is a great descriptor of how I felt during this book.  Don't get me wrong, I laughed out loud throughout the book too, but even those feelings were real.  Real happiness, real joy ... at the perfect times in the story. 

This story was told completely and nothing was "extra" or unneeded.  It all felt necessary.  All the details, all the steps, all the journey, all the story was essential.  Everything fit so well together.  

I don't normally fall in love with female leads ... for one reason or another, probably me... I pick them apart and don't end up loving them.  It's always me, because other readers love them, but in this book I loved Brooke.  I absolutely fell in love with her.  I think that's why I liked the book so much.  She's a strong female lead, who was still familiar and seemed like a real person.  She's definitely in my favorite characters list now.  I'll be rereading her story again for fun when I'm in the mood for a good romantic comedy - you can definitely count on that!

Let me break it down for you...


5 Stars

Would I recommend this book:  

Hell Yes!

Will I be reading more from the author:  

Pretty sure I covered that up there in the review section, but YES!

until next time, xo - jen


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